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Friday, January 11, 2013

Lepidolite, Moss Agate, and Kyanite Custom Mala

Custom Lepidolite Mala Being Created (Tassel Choices!)
I really enjoy making custom malas. It's so interesting to hear what stones and combinations people have in their "dream" malas. As a long-time mala user, I know how personal a mala can be and I appreciate the endless variety that customers design.

Here are two photos of a recent custom mala.  The stones were very hard to find in the right colors. She wanted lilac and pink lepidolite.  I was able to find both on Etsy.

We spent a lot of time dialoguing about the design.  She came up with this unique pattern, which has never been made before and I'm sure never will be again.

She's happy, and I am too.

So if you have a special mala in mind, let me know. I'd love to work on it with you. My shop is "Compassionmalas" on Etsy.
Oh yes, and Happy New Year!

Finished Lepidolite, Moss Agate, and Kyanite Mala

1 comment:

roy said...

Happy New Year Laura!

That is one pretty mala! I love the color combination and the metal accents.