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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Traveler's Parable - A Hike In San Clemente Canyon, San Diego

While walking through the wilderness, the smart traveler does well to stick to the center of the path, avoiding plants that encroach upon it.  Like this poison oak:
The wary traveler also does her best to stay out of small but attractive patches of grass, where ticks may lie in wait for the chance to crawl up a pant leg and attach themselves to skin.
(No picture to show, but it did happen.)

Sometimes a traveler may get weary.  A shady glen offers a well-built seat, but sit in it at your own risk, for it is surrounded by poison oak!
Finally, it helps to have a wise and knowledgeable guide...
(Paul from the San Diego Native Plants Society.)
. help unlock the treasures of the wild.
(A thistle.)
Namaste! Wear long pants when you hike!


Dan said...


Sorry to hear about your mom. She was a ramrod that one, albeit one sheathed in a cushiony, decorative fabric of manner, intelligence and wit. The flowers of El Cajon wept at her departure, I'm sure.

I lost my mother, too, in 2010. Not quite sure what she died of. The doctors cited various reasons, microbial and elusive, nothing that their spitting needles could cure. Perhaps it was just her time. Perhaps her heart punched out on the two billionth beat, the count being kept by some Cosmic Clockkeeper who we've no recourse to, deaf to pleas of compassion, pity, or mercy, instead preoccupied with some greater machinations to which we are only faintly aware of and can only perceive in the periphery of the spirit, like the shadow of a shadow, the last echo of a sigh. Human nature allows us no more. We are tardy in the evolution of the cognitive abstract.

In any case, I miss her. The paramount of perfect imperfection.

Take care of yourself, and peace to you and yours.

Dan Maun

Laura said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Dan.
I'm sorry you lost your mom.