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Monday, May 28, 2012

Soundtrack For a Revolution

Aren't we all experiencing a revolution these days?  Everyday when we awaken, we have the choice of how to behave and react—how best to use our good hearts.

I'm watching and listening to "Soundtrack For a Revolution", a 2009 movie about the civil rights movement and the glorious music that fueled its energy.

"We Shall Overcome", "We Shall Not Be Moved", "Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around". Songs like these were sung by protesters even in prison.  No one could make them stop singing. The songs kept fears at bay.

Unbelievable that at one point in our recent history, racism was systematically accepted and cultivated.

What segregation still exists?

What are we each willing to stand up against?

How do we practice non-violent means of changing things? What is effective?

Basic, highly personal questions.

I'm finishing some malas tonight and shipping them tomorrow, so glad to live in a society with as much freedom as we have. I'm looking forward to more freedoms in the future. Perhaps soon my gay friends can marry legally.

I'm all about people accepting each other, looking past differences, and seeing the equanimity of all beings. It might seem a jump from gay rights to say that, but in Buddhism, all lives are considered equally precious, even animal lives.

Watch the video.  It will lift your heart and remind you, as it does me, of what's possible.  Change does happen.

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