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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Morning Note From Norway

Little Red Coral Mala on Norwegian Buddha

This morning I awoke at my usual California time, hours after most of the world has been awake.  There was an email from a customer in Norway saying that her malas had arrived and that she loved them.

She ordered two of the more unique malas in the shop: the bamboo coral with cinnabar guru bead mala and a rosewood mala that uses carved carnelian, red jasper, horn, brass, and even acrylic beads in an homage to joy and lightness.

This one:

My Norwegian customer said that she had loaned her coral mala to a Buddha to take the picture at the top, and he returned it to her.

I love the photo because it has a simple grace.

And that's what I wish for you, tonight and always: Simple Grace.

May your days be auspicious, may your nights be auspicious, may you be happy and well.

Thank you again for your patronage of Heart of Compassion Malas -  Compassionmalas on Etsy.
It means so much.


roy said...


Thank you for the good wishes...

Laura said...

Hello Roy!
Yes, have a great day too.
All the Best.