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Friday, March 2, 2012

Bloodstone and Garnet Mala Finds Nice Home

Bloodstone and Garnet Mala
Have I mentioned already about a thousand times that I have the nicest customers in the world?
Well, it's true.  And now you've heard it again.

I love the internet, as a way to encounter people who share similar interests and as a medium for creativity - writing, photography, and more.

A customer who is also a blogwriter recently wrote in about a mala I made for him, and I really enjoy reading his posts.  He's writing from the inside out about what it feels like to try to allow change in thought and being to develop.  It's very personal, enthusiastic, and well, I just love it. I think you might too. It's the kind of writing that inspires me.

Honestly, it's people like this that just make my day.

Take care, now!