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Sunday, February 19, 2012

A New Website About Malas & Prayer Beads -

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Recently I was alerted to a new website about malas and other types of prayer beads,
I'm really excited about it!  Prayer beads from many faiths are included, with lots of well-written and insightful background material about each.  The writer explains the difference between some types of malas, and she was lovely enough to include this picture jasper mala in the section on Hindu/Buddhist malas.

I feel greatly honored to have my work included in this blog.  There is a list of stones for different symbolic uses, information about prayers and mantras, and a bibliography of great books with which to follow further into the subject of malas, rosaries, and subhas.  I was intrigued to find the section on what kind of stones to use in malas for work with certain chakras, because I know a lot of people really want that information.
 When you have a moment and can read for awhile on it, please check it out.  It was created as a labor of love, obviously!  And I really enjoy the respect of different faiths and enjoyment of all things prayer bead included on it.

I think you'll love

Picture Jasper Mala with Bamboo Coral, Turquoise-colored Howlite, and Poppy Jasper


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thank you for sharing
I wear the bracelet you made
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