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Monday, February 13, 2012

Farewell to a precious being

Gidget - 17 years old - Rest in Peace

There is no such thing as a being who isn't precious.  Not in the ideas of the Buddha, who taught that the lives of beings are all considered sacred.
But we all have favorites. One of my most special friends through the years has been this cat, a calico cat names Gidget.  To say she was strong and feisty is an understatement.  She outlived all other pets for 16 years.  One day I came home and she had a young cat cornered in a bookshelf, where he had been for hours, judging by certain signs. When we chose her from the shelter, she was an adorable young cat taking little nips at her brother in the cage.  They weren't playful nips, they were her fierce way of keeping things in balance.

After we got the labrador last year (Stella's hiding in the shadow in the top photo) the two animals gradually reached detente, but Gidget was the dominant one.  She ruled the roost. Over the months the two became close, finally sleeping together on the dog's bed.

One day Stella the lab came to me and cried quietly.  She's not a cryer.  If it's not mealtime or time to let her out or walk her, I never hear her cry. I went over to the cat, finding her groggy and subdued on the dog bed. Later the vet diagnosed serious kidney infection, probably with other medical problems.  We treated the infection, but she just got worse and worse. She had a nice week when she was well enough to go out and lie in the garden, but then she dwindled. 

In the final week, Stella the lab gave her bed entirely to Gidget, watching her constantly.  

We had to euthanize her last week, which was a very difficult decision.  I wanted her to pass at home, but she was in too much suffering.  So the kind vet helped her out with us nearby. Vets have the hardest jobs in the world, I think. What compassion.

Now it's very quiet in the house.  Stella sleeps a lot.  Her little buddy isn't here to hiss at her and tell her to back off, and there's no one to sleep with.  It felt amazingly sad, but she was an older cat whose time had come.

Not sure what else to say.  My prayers and best wishes go out to you if you've lost a beloved pet.  Time will heal and the memories will remain. 

Please, take as any photos as possible of your pets, so you'll have visual memories of their beauty.
May all beings enjoy happiness, be free of suffering, and discover their true natures.


elsiee said...

oh Laura I am so sorry... she was such a lucky kitty to live with you and your family in your home surrounded by such wonderful loving and peaceful energy. I'm sure you did the right thing for her...
my thoughts are with you my friend

Laura said...

Thank you Elsie,
It felt good to write about her and put her picture up for posterity. She was such a good kitty.
Be well!

Mare said...

Dear friend, i am so sorry for your loss. We had to help our poor old kitty ThistleBella leave her body just before Christmas. She was almost 21 years old, and it was time. And now our old dog, Gipetto, who will be 20 in June, is day to day. It is so hard to get used to having that empty space there after so many years of living with a dynamic personality beside you. She was such a lucky kitty to have you and your lovely home. I am thinking of working with a local cat rescue here and i can say that there are so many homeless beings who are not so lucky. Take care my dear...Love, mare

leslie said...

so sorry Laura...such a sweet kitty, I can tell. We lost our two within two months of each other last year, 17 years and 15 respectively. It was very very hard and they will always have a place in our hearts.
We adopted a new little boy in August, and he is a joy. Hugs to you and your family!!!