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Friday, November 25, 2011

Tiger Ebony Wood Pocket Mala

27-Bead Wood and Poppy Jasper Pocket Mala

Sometimes the simplest things are the most special.

"Tis a gift to be simple,
tis a gift to be free,
tis a gift to come down
where you ought to be"

from "Simple Gifts", the Shaker dance song.

Partly because I like to keep things simple, you can only find Compassion Malas in my online shop. I don't sell to stores right now. That may change some day, but for now it means that when you order, you'll be getting your mala straight from the hands that made it—mine. And that keeps things simple and sweet. I get to know each customer just a little bit. And I like that.

Bless you and yours!


denial wills said...
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Kristopher smith said...

Yeah this Ebony wood is also used in making ornaments and necklaces. It could be one of the best choices in droplet when it comes to hand crafting jewelry.