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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Of Butterflies, and Birds That Leave the Nest

Brown Butterfly on Mom's Hat
The little birds, they grow and then they fly off! How true this metaphor has been for our family this week. We drove my eldest away to her college town—such sad, sweet joy to see her embedded in her new town with good friends, about to start at a new school.

I can't help remembering myself at 20 and her as a small child, and as a baby.

I've been at home with the kids since they were born...only working the kind of job that I could do from home. It just wasn't in my nature to go away and leave them. (There were jobs like cake decorating, painting, and copy-editing I could do.) So I don't have the feeling of "where did the time go?" I can see it all on my face and feel it in my bones—every day, every blessed minute with them.

And the blessings have included plenty of us all yelling at each other as well as bonding around a Thursday-night TV lineup. There have also been all the family barbecues with grandparents, some of whom have moved on to other realms, to gardens in the sky.

Today, as I looked out at the sunny garden, I saw a brown butterfly doing loopy circles. One day long ago, two of these brown butterflies landed over and again on my mother's garden hat. I always wondered how a person could be still enough to allow a butterfly to land on them. She was besieged by butterflies that day! Today, I took a stab at trying. I sent love and mantras of "Om Mani Padme Hung" to the butterfly and slowly held out my arm. It landed on it and sat long enough for me to see its tattered wings. So quietly, we sat together, just for a moment.

And then it flew off into the sky.
Everything changes! Best to catch a bit of pleasure and appreciate it while it's near.

Take care,


Anne-Marie said...

Laura, blessings to you and your family during this time of change.

Laura said...

Thank you, Anne-Marie,
That's very sweet of you.
Be well,