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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Internet Holiday

"Cinderella" day lily

My internet suddenly wouldn't work a couple of days ago. You know how it is. You spend what seems like an hour on tech support doing silly things to your modem, then they make you an appointment for the soonest time, which is always at least two days from now. You clear your schedule for the upcoming four-hour appointment window
Gradually, as the days pass before the appointment, it dawns on you how much you do on the internet. Sure, most of it is time-wasting—you have lots of things you need to do but you end up reading all the updates on Facebook—things like that. You watch your online shop—like watching a pot boil, it doesn't when you watch it. You realize that you can only pay bills online, you can't look up phone numbers in a phone book anymore, and you can't watch the video someone's strongly suggesting you should watch right now if you love them at all. Ahem.

We're sooo internet-dependent. I don't know about you, but I move through cycles of trying to enjoy my imposed internet vacation and getting really frustrated.

Today, I act as if the service tech is my new best friend—I can't wait to see them. I call ATT to make sure they are actually coming. I clean my house for the visit. I make malas. Finally they come and fix it by selling me a new and "much better" modem for $62.00 and we spend a few minutes talking about dogs. All very friendly, and now the internet is frighteningly fast. I'm back to doing a million important and unimportant things one after another on the keyboard.

But do you know what I did while it was down? I sat in the backyard with a book and my iced coffee. I looked at the plants, searching for the the new buds of shoots and blooms that are popping up everywhere. I almost literally watched my plants grow more every day.

This is useful, isn't it? I think so. I think being off the internet for awhile and watching plants grow is a valuable contribution to humanity. I highly suggest it.

May you all be happy and well.



Roy said...

I love this blog. I love the light that shines from it. I love the groundedness and appreciation for everyday wonders (like books and iced coffee!). Thank you Laura for your writings...


- roy.

Laura said...

Ah, thanks Roy. I appreciate it.

Dya. said...

I agree with the commenter above. I once to a technology fast for 24 hours and it was amazing. I told myself I would do another, but unfortunately this internet world caused me to forget that promise. Thank you for the reminder ;)

Laura said...

Thanks for commenting!
Isn't it funny when the ads come on the TV telling us to turn off the TV and enjoy "real life"?
This post was kind of like that.

Now let's get off the internet! Just for a little while, at least.