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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Still Here!

Okay, Okay, I know. I never call, I never write.

I've been pretty busy. It's been sort of a (shhh, don't tell) personal retreat time for me. With everything in the news lately I figured it was time to not just do something but sit. So it's been nice. Not much to offer in terms of advice or inspiration, but I remember what my teacher said about a student of his who, when her life seemed to be falling apart, started to put practice (meditation, visualization, study) back in the #1 spot. And her life started to work again. That's pretty much what's happening here. And it's been marvelously restful!

The photo you see is of a strength, courage, creativity mala. There are several different stones in it. If you can guess what they are I'll send you a wrist mala that fits your size wrist. I know no one will guess, so if you even figure out most of them you'll be doing well! (Hint: most of these are stones I use in malas on my Etsy site.)

Lots of love,


Brady MacDonald said...

Ok, I will take a crack at it for fun: garnet, jade, quartz (clear), quartz (rutilated), quartz (tourmalinated), and tiger's eye. I am blue/green color blind, so there might be something different with the jade/darker stones that are probably something like aventurtine.

Laura said...

You only missed one- the bloodstone!
I declare you the winner and will contact you soon.

Exciting! Very good eye.