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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Still Here!

Okay, Okay, I know. I never call, I never write.

I've been pretty busy. It's been sort of a (shhh, don't tell) personal retreat time for me. With everything in the news lately I figured it was time to not just do something but sit. So it's been nice. Not much to offer in terms of advice or inspiration, but I remember what my teacher said about a student of his who, when her life seemed to be falling apart, started to put practice (meditation, visualization, study) back in the #1 spot. And her life started to work again. That's pretty much what's happening here. And it's been marvelously restful!

The photo you see is of a strength, courage, creativity mala. There are several different stones in it. If you can guess what they are I'll send you a wrist mala that fits your size wrist. I know no one will guess, so if you even figure out most of them you'll be doing well! (Hint: most of these are stones I use in malas on my Etsy site.)

Lots of love,

Monday, April 11, 2011

Multi-Colored Semi-Precious Stone Mala

Multi-colored semi-precious stone mala

I've wanted to make one of these for awhile, and a customer special ordered it last week on my Etsy shop. It's a little bit like a patchwork quilt, when different left over pieces of fabric would be sewn together...these are the bits and pieces of different malas that I don't have enough of to make full malas of, or that haven't made it into new malas. But the stones that I have lying around, Oh my gosh, they are so special.

There are rhodonite, citrine, yellow (undyed) jade, genuine rough polished turquoise, rainbow fluorite, rose quartz, clear quartz, lavender jasper, green aventurine, lapis, blue lace agate, and serpentine. If I make it again the mix will be similar but different.

I finished it with a green aventurine guru bead and green cotton tassel.

I love light, happy, playful malas!

What have you created today?