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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring is Blooming and I got to see Devo Again

Writing is funny. It's a process of recording events as they're lived, taking "mental snapshots" as we go along so that we can share them or put them down for posterity.

How do I translate the vividness of this pot of cymbidium orchids I snapped at Self Realization Fellowship Gardens recently? I saw it as I walked down the shady brick stairs; it sat on the north side of the walkway, a large ceramic pot of spike after spike of pale lavender pink orchids. A joy to see.

My garden is full of blooming nasturtiums, ranunculus, geraniums, freesias, and a mexican rose—all waving to say hello. Pots full of epyphillum cacti form flower buds on my garden table, waiting a couple of months to bloom. (You can't write about plants without talking about how they "want" to do this and that. Flowers easily take on the characteristics of people and animals.)

Another Spring occasion: I got to go see Devo last weekend! Here's a photo my husband took:

They rocked so hard. No matter how middle-aged they get to be physically, they just get better and better. Excellent musicians and show. I got my dancing in—dancing lifts the heart so much! "We're through being cool", "It's a beautiful world we live in"

It's been a good week. Quiet, a bit homey, but very peaceful. Certainly it's been a welcome respite after days of fixating on the turmoil going on in the world lately. I care so much, but I just can't watch CNN much right now. It's just too disturbing.
Instead, I pray and donate what I can to Save the Children. I believe in activism and public service, but right now this is all I can do—nurture what's in my family and my own backyard.

Peace to you!

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Brady MacDonald said...

Mark and the boys look awesome! Back in my high school days in the mid 80's the Devo song "Through Being Cool" was kind of like my theme song. I would love to see them in concert. A few years ago I saw Kraftwerk in concert and they were great as well.

I love that pic. It is my new desktop background ;-)