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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Garnet and Amazonite Necklace—I'm Not Quitting My Day Job

Garnet, Amazonite, Silver, Pewter, and Sterling OM Necklace Trio
I recently had a day off with no family around. What to do? The novel was waiting, the garden wanted weeding, I could have exercised or gone to the beach, but a pile of garnets was calling my name.

"Laura, come help us!" the said. So I obeyed.

First let me tell you that making necklaces is hard! Designing them, sticking the things together so that the necklace is nice and tight but supple and won't fall off—all these things are better left to professionals—but I gave it the old college try.

It was fun, challenging, and I do like the colors and materials a lot. There are three separate necklaces. One is a sandalwood mala with garnet and amazonite. I spent all morning and afternoon making these. It must get faster. Somehow people make a living making jewelry, but all I have to say is: if you have a favorite jewelry seller, support them! They deserve every cent you pay them and more. Jewelry-making is QUITE a skill.

Now that I've made these, I feel free to cannibalize them for other projects. I might keep the sandalwood strand.

Tomorrow I'm going to introduce my friend and personal jewelry maker, Joyce of JoyousWorld. Her work is fantabulous and yummy.

Have a lovely day. Please leave a comment. Maybe you've tried making jewelry and would like to share about that. Or maybe you have a genius jewelry maker who you support. I'd love to hear about it.


B Harrison Arts said...

Those are beautiful! I like the amazonite and sandalwood combo

Tracy said...

Hello! I came across your soulful & beautiful Etsy shop and found my way to your equally lovely blog. LOVE the sandalwood & amazonite necklace--two of my favorite materials! I made and sold jewelry & other accessories on Etsy for 4 years. It was hard work creating for and promoting in crowded place like Etsy. But fun too. Jewelry making is an art, it takes time to hone the skills and use the finer materials. Too many seem unwilling to pay the price for handmade quality these days in such slumped economic times--but we things will get better. I recently opened a new shop in Etsy focusing on yoga-inspired offerings, which reflect more of my soul. :o) So glad to have found your blog! Happy Weekend!

Laura said...

Thanks, Brian, that means a lot.

Tracy, welcome! Thank you for sharing your experience. I think more and more people are appreciating good, unique, jewelry makers, especially those creating in the "handmade movement".

I wish you luck with your new shop. Please come back and leave a link once you get it going.

Have a nice day!

Wedding bands said...

This necklace is gorgeous. I like the combination of all the three necklaces. They are perfectly blending with each other and making a great piece of jewelry. I am impressed with your creativity. Thanks for sharing and I will keep visiting to see what all you will make in future.