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Thursday, January 6, 2011

And Bend and Stretch!

Black Swan in a Rain Puddle

Okay, I don't have a good yoga picture that I've taken. And I don't want to poach anyone else's yoga photos online. So this big, black swan in a puddle photo that I took will have to represent the bending and stretching we do in yoga.

See? Its beautiful neck is so supple and strong, so graceful and in control, so...not tense.

I get a tense neck from stringing beads, but it's not bad and I don't mind. I'm getting better at ergonomics and not holding tension as I work—a lot better. But yoga helps, right?

I think ergonomics is something we in the "cottage industries" need to talk about a lot more. Please leave hints in the comments, maybe we can help each other.

I joined a women-only gym in November, and I find it surprisingly refreshing! At first I felt kind of silly about it, but the sign on the door promises "the privacy you deserve" and I find that it's liberating to work out with only women. I think it's probably a lot easier for some women who have self-consciousness about exercising around men. For me, it's relaxing to be with women of all ages, abilities, and body types.

And tonight I discovered a gentle yoga class. The most difficult part of it wasn't difficult at all. The whole goal was just to move and be aware and look within. We did lots of breathing, moving without the idea of there being only one way to do it.

It was truly wonderful. We were young and old and full of grace, a community for an hour.

It's a good time of year to cleanse the body and mind, don't you think? In order to make room for the new?

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cadetcactus said...

i love the idea of a women's gym where you can just focus and feel safe doing so - and that swan is AMAZING!