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Monday, November 22, 2010

Kyanite, ruby, mooonstone, and fluorite mala

A mala and a milestone.

Rough-cut kyanite rondelles,
two sizes of round rubies with stars,
moonstone with blue fire,
and a sodalite guru bead with garnet and ruby as end beads. A tassel of French silk that I made.

Gold vermeil bead discs around the marker beads.

And fluorite in between the rondelles to make it "handleable".

This mala was intended to be one that you could go around very slowly, saying slow or longer mantras. It almost worked! It's on its way back to the drawing board. I'm going to remove the fluorite because they confuse my fingers. They aren't different enough in size from the kyanite.

It is still beautiful and inspiring, just not quite right yet. C'est La Vie!

Today was a special day. My Etsy shop reached a milestone. I never thought, when I put my first five malas in a "shop" on Etsy, that they would sell. But someone took a chance on me as a new seller and bought a picture jasper mala. Since then I've sold over 500 malas and counter bead sets on Etsy (as of today). I guess it goes to show that people are interested in things made with love, and that there are a lot of very spiritual and inspiring people in the world. Oh, the people I've met! People from France, Korea, Denmark, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia...everywhere, including California.

I am so thankful to my customers, to Etsy, and to the Buddhas. It's been an amazing way to put my art degree and my spiritual self together and create work that means something. It has become "right livelihood".

I'm looking forward to making these prayer beads for many more years. My next goal?
To learn to work more ergonomically and stretch every half hour so I don't curl up like a little mala-making snail. But it's been soooo worth it.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Be well,


elsiee said...

WOWIE honey CONGRATULATIONS!! what an awesome milestone!! I love kyanite can't wait to see what your "just right" mala turns out to be!!

Mare said...

WOW! That is wonderful my friend! And i cannot think of anyone who deserves it more....Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours!

Wedding bands said...

I liked very much Kyanite.This mala is very beautiful .As you said that fluorite in between the rondelles to make it handleable.I totally agree with you.Its beads are made of beautiful color. I want to buy this.

Laura said...

Hi "Wedding bands",
Thank you very much. I can make one similar to it if you like, just email me at: heartofcompassionmalas(at)

It would be a pleasure. Thanks for dropping by again.