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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Compassion Malas mentioned in Etsy newsletter!

There's a great article on Etsy right now about custom work...a "how to do it" for sellers. My photo of a custom picture jasper mala with a metal lotus guru bead was featured along with my comment that every custom mala is created out of a short but nice relationship with the customer.

Not only is it a nice "how to" but there are exquisite offerings. Seriously, how come there are so many good photographers on Etsy? It's amazing.

The article made my day.

Thanks, Etsy, for everything. Even though sometimes you're nutty, I love you. Without you, sigh, I'd be nothing. Not nothing in the Buddhist way...I'd just be lugging boxes of beads to farmer's markets instead of strolling along buying organic Swiss chard and Kahlua bundt cake, like I did last Sunday.

I love Kahlua bundt cake and Swiss chard.

But because of Etsy and blogger and Tumblr, I've met many wonderful people from around the world and made malas for them. Truly a blessing.

What do you love?