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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Recommendation # 385—Tricycle Magazine

Mother of pearl mala on a photo of a stupa in Tibet.

For all you Buddhists and non-Buddhists out there, I have a recommendation. I always like to pass the neat things I find along and let you know they're out there. This one is for the ever-popular tricycle magazine.

First, know that I'm not a big reader of Buddhist text. I do my homework, but when it comes to reading I'd rather read my book club material, which is usually terrific fiction. But this latest copy of tricycle, with Jeff Bridges on the cover, makes me squirm with delight. Really. It's that good.

Every article is thoughtful but interesting (those two don't always go together), well laid out and designed, and the whole things presents so many different views and insights into Buddhism and meditation that the articles are like the lights cast by a prism. One insight alone is enough to inspire and delight your day.

The art work alone impresses me. And the editing is flawless. All in all, this is a good read to pick up if you're wanting something a little positive in your day. It's another way to call yourself back to mindfulness and remind you of the principles of compassion. I read mine while I eat lunch, in between stringing malas and caring for the house/dog/family.

And the best thing? It's available through school magazine drives now. So if you know a kid who's trying to support their school by selling magazine subscriptions (this is the time to find one—it's an early back-to-school activity), grab the kid and sign up. Then let the kid go, because really, you don't want to have to care for and feed someone else's kid for very long.

Okay, that was recommendation #385—tricycle magazine. (Okay guys, can I have my free subscription now? Or at least a tricycle mug?)


elsiee said...

I love Tricycle magazine! I will have to rustle me up a kid somewhere for that subscription idea!

leslie said...

Hi Laura!
I have that same issue with Jeff B. on the cover. Love him, love the mag. My nieces are always doing the mag drive thing. I will check in with them.

Laura said...

The more I think about it, the more I think Jeff Bridges did a pretty good job selling that issue.

He's so cute!

Jan said...

Laura, I adore Tricycle. Yes, every article is beautifully crafted. Loved the J. Bridges piece. I save my issues and read them again and again. (Shambhala Sun too). Send metta to one and all!