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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh Joy!

Oh Joy, Oh Bliss!

Two nice things to share tonight. First, I finally found a yoga class that I can get into.
There's an Ashtanga studio in downtown Cardiff (little beach town in San Diego) that had the healthiest vibe of any I've been to lately. No one was putting any "shoulds" about how far to bend, what knots to tie oneself into, or how young and fit one needed to be. There weren't any religious or mystical overtones. It was just full-hearted, exerting, beneficial, happy yoga. Yoga is spiritual enough, if you tune into what your body and mind are sharing with you as you practice, without a teacher having to add anything! Breathing and stretching–two sacred movements.

I've loved my time in other studios in the past, but this really felt like, finally, "Boom", I'd been dropped in the right slot. And I've been looking for a long time, every since my hot hatha studio imploded. It was a scandal right out of a novel. I'm done with drama and heavy-handed yoga. I. Just. Want. To. Practice.

JOY number 2:

See the above photo? That's a little girl poised at a power spot, one of my happy places—middle Emerald Pools at Zion National Park. It's a shelf on top of a waterfall where a little set of pools gather before they spill over the side. Last time I was here, about four years ago, I found frogs, tadpoles, water bugs, dragon flies, butterflies, and hummingbirds there! And just sitting and watching I felt myself become one with all of creation. Really quite beautiful and completely spontaneous. It is such a beautiful place that it expresses the joy of the world, so you don't really have to try to meditate there!

So, the theme of today is doing good things without trying to do them. Just being with things that are wholesome, healthy, beautiful, and inspiring. Just being part of the goodness of life. I think there's a whole lot of benefit for me and for the natural world when this quietness and joining happens. I think that by being part of the natural world we can heal ourselves and the earth.



Karin Grow said...

Glad you're enjoying your new yoga spot.

By the way.......did you know there's a hippopotamus ass in your banner? Ha ha ha ha ha

Laura said...

Oh Karin,
You're right. I do have a hippopotamus ass in my banner. How the heck did you see that? You must have a carefully trained eye. I can always count on you.
Who knew they lived at Green Valley Falls?

Katherine Josh said...

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