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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The world as my iPhone types it

Just for fun I thought I'd type a blog entry on my iPhone. This is semi-unedited. It has a pe uliar way of not recognizing what my fingers tell it. Since most of my emails are written on iPhone, sometimes the most hilarious things come out. I'm too antsy to sit at a computer and write emails- I answer them as they come in—live in teal time. Sort of. For those of you who've seen my emails, this may explain somethings.
Practically the only problem is with any word with i or o, e or r, or t or r. Mostly. Other problems occur, too, but the funniest thing is when I sign my name "live,Laura.". Or say, "I live that!". I bet it right only half the time. (To over-explain, i is next to o and r is between e and t. B is right beneath g. But you know that.)
Also, referring to a friend and his two teenage "sins" cracked me up recently. Good thing I caught that one.

Sigh. I asked my friend Carolyn the other day if these new gadgets were good or of the devil. (Hyperbole—I don't really believe in devils.) She said it was a fine line, a razor-thin line. As we started to giggle I added " use your powers for good!" And it went downhill from there.

We returned to out gadgets—she to her kindle and I to my nook reader.

Brave New World, isn't it?

Take care!


elsiee said...

I tired to leave a comment on by black berry but it couldn't read the work verification - a failed geek am I!!

Jan said...

what smiles you brought to my face, today. type on! xo

(p.s. my husband wanted to give me his iPhone so he can get a new one and i turned it down. i know, call me crazy! I swear i cannot type on the thing.)

Laura said...

I totally live your comments, guys.

I will C U both l8ter.