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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oh the Gloom! And a Few Flower Friends...

Coastal Southern California has been covered by a dimming blanket of fog for most of the summer. Up to last week, there have been 12 days of sun! This just isn't normal. We get "June Gloom" every June, but it's not supposed to last through July. I hum "Here Comes the Sun" wishfully on most days. It's really been other-worldly. I mean, you just wouldn't put on a swimsuit and go to the beach if you haven't made vacation plans to go there. It's been sort of, sigh, blah. It's as if someone sucked the sun right out of the sky.

In Buddhism there's a saying that the sky is always there, waiting for the clouds to disappear. That means that our true nature is always present and only "obscured" by thoughts and habits. Boy, have the obscurations been thick lately.

I took these two flower photos during a sunny break last month. My mother was a terrific flower photographer and I've been inspired to point my lens at them lately. There's your basic red gladiola (thank heaven for glads) and an unusual but easy-to-grow Peruvian Lily that looks like it's from outer space. The Peruvian Lily was a gift from Mom several years ago, and it comes up again and again without any prompting. Bulbs are quite miraculous, aren't they?

Speaking of miracles, the sun has now been out for about four hours. Blue skies with little puffy clouds. You can cast a shadow on the ground! Still no heat, though...which means it will arrive in full force either in August or September-October.

How's your weather? Really, I want to know!
All the best,

3 comments: said...

Hello from Lancashire England! I found your blog while searching about idiopathic aggression in dogs on google. Which led me to your April 20th post. We have just had to have our dog Archie Euthanised for the same reason, and I am finding it very difficult to adjust and accept our decision. One minute I accept that he was a danger to others, and the next I am wracked by guilt and grief. I miss him so much! We got him from a lady who just decided to breed her dog and I get the feeling that the father was just available. We have his brother too, from the same litter, and he is so sweet and not at all unpredictable like Archie. Thankfully. I too am drawn to the buddhist philosophy, and would not even hurt a fly, I save spiders, moths , ants, you name it, so this decision is sitting heavily with me.
I really need someone who understands! So I am rambling on to you... sorry!

By the way, the weather here is rainy! Love the pictures of the flowers. Susie xx

Jenna Ward said...

We're in the thick of summer in Miami, and I do mean thick. I've always lived in Miami Beach or right on the edge of Biscayne Bay, and it doesn't rain that much this far east. What's bad is when you have a day like today, when the clouds build up and turn black but don't actually produce rain. Then it's just humid, high school gym shower room humid. I played tennis (badly) this evening and had worked up a sweat by the time the second ball was served. Still, I enjoy watching the storms move through. Where I live now I have a great view of the northwest part of Dade county, and it's endlessly fascinating to me to watch the clouds build up, produce lightning and rain, and then dissipate.

Laura said...

Suzie, thank you for your note. That sounds like it was so rough and I'm glad you took a moment to write. I wish you much happiness with your dog!

It's never our fault when a dog simply can't be trained with all our best efforts. When they bite aggressively despite being gently treated their whole lives. I could say more, but I have already written my heart out about hereditarily aggressive dogs and bad dog breeders. People need to be careful and check breeders out!
Take care!

Jenna, I can't imagine summer in Miami. I've heard about it. Is it humid enough to grow many gorgeous tropical plants? That would be fun. Your view out the window sounds spectacular.