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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Meditation —"Just Be"—Video Teaching from Sogyal Rinpoche

Wanting to be closer to my teacher Sogyal Rinpoche today, I searched Utube for a video. How wonderful is this technology? (See last post for a funny look at typing on your phone, though.)

This video is well worth the time. Running just under ten minutes, I found that it cut through my thoughts and brought me back to the present in a very loving way. "Just Be" is something he talks about, not the name of the teaching, FYI.

I found that it got really juicy after the 8 minute mark, so hold on at least until you hear the bit about the "Natural Strip Tease". It's about stripping away layers until you find your true self.

Enjoy! And remember, you can always just bookmark this post to watch it later. It's perfect for anyone who finds themselves busy and distracted ever. Anyone ever feel like that? :-)

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elsiee said...

busy or distracted, meeeee?? bookmarking this post ASAP!!!