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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chocolate Brown Yoga Treasury

My Etsy friend Lauren (JewelsofSaraswati) included my bodhiseed and rudraksha mala in her treasury, which is peaceful AND reminds me of chocolate!

Lauren and I traded malas once. She took a picture jasper pocket mala from me and I chose a black agate mala with silver links—so peaceful. I have to admit, I love receiving malas from others who infuse their creations with positive vibes.

Now, I simply must find another yoga class! I went to one last week at a medical was so rejuvenating. Now I want to find one that combines peace with a bit more athleticism. Kind of like an Ashtanga class on Valium? :-)

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Mare said...

Congratulations my friend...Yes...a yoga class sounds good right about now...