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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oh the Gloom! And a Few Flower Friends...

Coastal Southern California has been covered by a dimming blanket of fog for most of the summer. Up to last week, there have been 12 days of sun! This just isn't normal. We get "June Gloom" every June, but it's not supposed to last through July. I hum "Here Comes the Sun" wishfully on most days. It's really been other-worldly. I mean, you just wouldn't put on a swimsuit and go to the beach if you haven't made vacation plans to go there. It's been sort of, sigh, blah. It's as if someone sucked the sun right out of the sky.

In Buddhism there's a saying that the sky is always there, waiting for the clouds to disappear. That means that our true nature is always present and only "obscured" by thoughts and habits. Boy, have the obscurations been thick lately.

I took these two flower photos during a sunny break last month. My mother was a terrific flower photographer and I've been inspired to point my lens at them lately. There's your basic red gladiola (thank heaven for glads) and an unusual but easy-to-grow Peruvian Lily that looks like it's from outer space. The Peruvian Lily was a gift from Mom several years ago, and it comes up again and again without any prompting. Bulbs are quite miraculous, aren't they?

Speaking of miracles, the sun has now been out for about four hours. Blue skies with little puffy clouds. You can cast a shadow on the ground! Still no heat, though...which means it will arrive in full force either in August or September-October.

How's your weather? Really, I want to know!
All the best,

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The world as my iPhone types it

Just for fun I thought I'd type a blog entry on my iPhone. This is semi-unedited. It has a pe uliar way of not recognizing what my fingers tell it. Since most of my emails are written on iPhone, sometimes the most hilarious things come out. I'm too antsy to sit at a computer and write emails- I answer them as they come in—live in teal time. Sort of. For those of you who've seen my emails, this may explain somethings.
Practically the only problem is with any word with i or o, e or r, or t or r. Mostly. Other problems occur, too, but the funniest thing is when I sign my name "live,Laura.". Or say, "I live that!". I bet it right only half the time. (To over-explain, i is next to o and r is between e and t. B is right beneath g. But you know that.)
Also, referring to a friend and his two teenage "sins" cracked me up recently. Good thing I caught that one.

Sigh. I asked my friend Carolyn the other day if these new gadgets were good or of the devil. (Hyperbole—I don't really believe in devils.) She said it was a fine line, a razor-thin line. As we started to giggle I added " use your powers for good!" And it went downhill from there.

We returned to out gadgets—she to her kindle and I to my nook reader.

Brave New World, isn't it?

Take care!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chocolate Brown Yoga Treasury

My Etsy friend Lauren (JewelsofSaraswati) included my bodhiseed and rudraksha mala in her treasury, which is peaceful AND reminds me of chocolate!

Lauren and I traded malas once. She took a picture jasper pocket mala from me and I chose a black agate mala with silver links—so peaceful. I have to admit, I love receiving malas from others who infuse their creations with positive vibes.

Now, I simply must find another yoga class! I went to one last week at a medical was so rejuvenating. Now I want to find one that combines peace with a bit more athleticism. Kind of like an Ashtanga class on Valium? :-)