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Thursday, June 3, 2010

And Then You Get to Take Photos!

Red Aventurine Half Mala with Tibetan Agate and Turquoise Markers

As bad and difficult as things were yesterday, today was equally light and airy and wonderful. Go figure. Just pure joy all day. I got out the camera late in the afternoon and was surprised by the connection between this red aventurine and a nasturtium flower from my garden. They were made for each other!

Every single color in this photo is from nature, except the tassel. Can you believe that nature can produce such vivid tones? Turquoise is one of my favorite stones, and these are really "roots" beads. Blue-green with small brown veins, they are exactly the color of turquoise I like best. Okay, the robin's egg blue turquoise from the Sleeping Beauty mine isn't bad either, but it's totally out of my price range.

Half malas generally have 54 beads. They're useful when you don't want to carry a full mala. They fit nicely into a deep pocket. Not really for wearing, they convey all the meaning of a full mala and work just as well for "collecting" prayers and mantras.



elsiee said...

that photo and that mala radiate all of your joy friend! so happy that today was a better day...

when I get back from vacation WE WILL get together!!!!!!!!

Karin Grow said...

You really captured something special in this photo. The whole combination of the rock, nasturtium and mala beads are amazing.

Jan said...

Lovely to behold. I agree with Karin, you captured this in such a special way. It just radiates. Love the combinations you put together for this. The recipient will be blessed!