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Friday, May 21, 2010

A New Window in San Francisco

Unakite, Coral, and Silk Mala

The buyer for the gift shop at The Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco recently invited me to send some malas to show there. I feel honored to be represented with other artists and artisans who make spiritually-oriented art from all over the world. It will also be a great excuse for a field trip!

I'm excited about helping the museum and its mission of creating cross-cultural education and awareness of the dispersal of Africans and African culture throughout the world. I've always loved Africa, ever since I was in sixth grade and had a teacher who taught in Kenya for a couple of years. He brought back movies of the dancing and singing, and musical instruments like thumb pianos. Watching the dancing really affected my dancing style as a teenager; the top of the body holding still while the hips and legs shook and waved. Lots of fun trying, even though I couldn't do it right. So...even though I'm not planning a trip to Africa anytime soon, I feel closer.

This was also a great excuse to create a group of wholesale malas. These will only be available through retail shops, not in my online shops.

Thanks, MOAD! I can't wait to go visit.

About the new dog—boy, she is a sweetie. She's so calm for a three-month-old lab puppy. She likes her "sniffs" on a leash around the neighborhood, but doesn't go far. She's enjoying her puppy class. She's a definite chow hound, very food-motivated. She's all black, so when she goes in the backyard at night she disappears completely. She is complete sweetness, a great dog to hug. It's lovely making malas as she lies by my feet, looking out at the flowers in the garden. And of course, I talk to her all day long. She also lets me do my morning meditations. Yay!

Peace to you!


elsiee said...

congratulations on the whole sale gig with the museum so exciting! I'm so glad your new pup matches your peaceful energy... yea!!

Jan said...

Laura, congrats on this achievement! I hope that this new doorway opens up wonderful things for you. And I just love my new mala bracelet. You can feature it if you like. I think the notion of a totem animal on the bracelet in support of our spiritual journey is lovely...

Glad the new pup is an easy joy. Sigh....Relax and enjoy.

Laura said...

Thanks, Elsie and Jan!

Jan, I would like to feature your wrist mala. I hope I actually photographed it, but I just wanted to get it out the door, so I'm not sure.