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Sunday, May 2, 2010

More Than You'll Ever Ask About Wearing Malas

Garden Buddha Wearing a Peruvian Opal Mala

From my mala shop profile:
There are different beliefs about this depending on who you ask. It's really up to you. In many Yogic tradition it's very common and considered positive to wear malas. In some Tibetan Buddhist traditions, if you use a mala for sacred practice it's customary to treat it sacredly—not necessarily to display it. However, His Holiness the Dalai Lama wears his around his wrist when not using it, and he always looks so happy. He's practicing constantly in everything he does, so I think that's a good example.

If your practice is more informal, or if you just want your mala to be jewelry that reminds you to have a sacred or positive outlook, then I say please go ahead and wear it. Even if it's used only as a necklace or bracelet, I've put lots of good energy into making it and it will serve to remind you to stay focused and positive.

When in doubt, ask your teacher or close spiritual friend, if you have one.And follow your heart. It won't lie to you.

Peace! Much Happiness to you on this gorgeous Sunday.

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elsiee said...

I can attest to the peace and positive energy I feel when I wear your malas - I can FEEEEEEEEL the love baby!!