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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Elephant Wisdom Turquoise Wrist Mala

A work in progress...

I photographed this unfinished wrist mala before I shipped it, but I wanted to show it anyway. It was a very personal custom wrist mala for my friend. It includes 21 turquoise beads with a turquoise guru bead, quartz crystal spiral bead at the 11th spot, and a sterling silver elephant charm on the cotton tassel. The elephant symbolizes all the wisdom and strength of elephants.

I wish I'd photographed this after it was finished, but the darned elephant was in a hurry to get to its owner, so I tossed it into a little box and then into a padded envelope and on its way. I've heard he (she?) is happy in the new home. Thanks, Jan.
Hello Holly!

My wonderful sister Holly actually works at a museum in Hemet, California, (Western Science Center) that features mammoth and mastodon bones! More elephant wisdom.
New Artfire Shop—

I opened a new online shop on Artfire in order to make more malas for people who enjoy them. It's a fun site— lots of creative energy and artists/artisans— a friendly set up. Check it out if you have a chance. Also, there's now a way to purchase malas right on this blog—you can see it on the right. It goes through Paypal, so no one keeps any personal information or account numbers. You also don't have to sign up with any sites.
And that's all the news that fits to print today. Enjoy your days and nights. Take some time to meditate and create.


elsiee said...

that is the BEST elephant charm EVER! really adds a lot of charm and meaning to your mala - love this creation friend!!

Jan said...

Oh, Laura, I never saw my little wrist mala here! I am so glad I saw it now. I hope you know how much I love it. I wear it constantly, can't be separated from it. Every time I touch the charm it reminds me to "take my royal seat" in life. To be solid and strong and true, just like an elephant. I thank you so much for making this for me. xo