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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Busy, busy, busy—and an Anglican Rosary for a change

Anglican Rosary for New Jade (Serpentine), Marcasite, and Sterling Silver

Lately it's been so clear that all that matters is love. Sure, you have to pay the bills, get the tires rotated, take care of the garden, and do the laundry, but ultimately, the only thing that brings lasting satisfaction is the growth of the soul. And that's connected with feeling love, compassion, and equanimity.

I'm planning my Mom's memorial with my friends and sister. It will be on Sunday in a meadow between some hills at a garden she used to visit when she was healthy. I don't know who all will be there, but I'm playing guitar and singing with my friend and guitar teacher Cindy Lee Berryhill. My mom always encouraged self-expression and was a tremendous music lover! My sister is bringing a mountain of delicious cookies, my father is bringing photos and scrapbooks. I think it will be okay. I have purchased several beautiful vintage hankies on Etsy just in case anyone needs them.

So, love and compassion. We talk about enlightenment, about being on the path, but I don't think we go anywhere until our hearts soften. When we have been stunned by life into submission, our hearts often have to open.
Sogyal Rinpoche says that when we have suffered, we can understand the suffering of others, and our hearts simply open.


I know so many people who have experienced loss lately. Friends have attended the memorials of their own family members. Friends have discovered their own illnesses. I've had to say goodbye to my dog, due to health reasons. But the heart is resilient, it grows towards the light. And to greater and greater love in this life.


This pretty little new jade Anglican Rosary was made for a very special woman. She designed it with me over a period of months, never wavering in her patience. We found the handmade silver cross in a shop based in Greece, the marcasite and silver beads and the new jade beads in the U.S., and the tassel is French. It's supposed to symbolize and evoke patience and peace. For me it really did. Just making it was a meditation. All malas should come together like this—really special.

Peace to you! May you be well.


Roy said...

Boy - that's a beauty! I love the colors. The cross is GREAT!

Mare said...

I love the rosary, and your words are even more beautiful...i believe you are right...suffering does make us softer, more compassionate and more open to Love. And that is really all that matters.I wish i lived closer so that i could attend your Mother's service. It sounds Lovely, just like your Mother....I'm so glad i "met" you....Love, mare

One Woman's Journey said...

Beautiful - I wish I could add a cross to my bracelet.