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Monday, March 8, 2010

A Special Lady

Mom and me—2006

These past three and a half years I've had the privilege of helping my mom with the things she couldn't do on her own. As she aged and succumbed to physical difficulties and illness, I got to help her with her lists of things to do. Usually it was the laundry, lunch together, an errand, a doctor's just never knew. Sometimes I'd get tired and just want to hang out with her, but she was a pretty goal-oriented person. So we enjoyed the time together, doing things.

In the past six months my mom became very ill. I wrote about it a little here. It was such a journey to watch her go through it as a family, all of us doing whatever we could. Finally, her time was up. Last Friday, March 5th, she died. It was peaceful and she was surrounded by love. I am eternally grateful to the hospital staff for their kindness and sensitivity. She showed dignity and strength, compassion and hope, up through the very end.

She was my mother, my friend, my mentor. She taught me design rules when I was little. She taught me about plants and fairies, about music, singing in harmony, and how to dance. My smile comes from her.

I am so grateful to be her daughter. My sister, father, and our entire family will miss her but keep her in our hearts.

To all mothers and daughters out there, rejoice in your love for each other. Enjoy your time together.

I'm sure my mom's on her way to a good place. Your prayers are welcome.


Polly said...


Such a sweet tribute to your mom. I, too, had the honor of helping my mother through her last years, and I will forever be grateful for that time. She provided me with as wonderful example of how to die as she did on how to live. Sounds as if, you have had the same experience.

Sorry for you loss.


Roy said...

Dear Laura,

I was very touched by your post about your Mom. Thanks for writing it.

I am very sorry for your loss.



elsiee said...


your heart has been so filled with love and compassion for your mom especially these last difficult months - I have been moved by your tender care of her.

I hope to see your sweet smile soon. I'll have a big hug all saved up for you too.

so sorry my friend...

Anonymous said...


Such a beautiful gift of honesty and sharing in the wake of your mothers death. I'm glad you and your mother that you had such a loving realtionship, and the strenght of her joy and compassion lives on in you. Take care x

Jan said...

Dear Laura,
You cannot know how much I have been thinking about you. Your last post announcing a week off for family made me think this was about your mom. It was true. I am sorry for your loss. Your love for one another rings true and I am sure she will be sorely missed.

I do love the energy I am picking up from your post which is one of appreciation and celebration of her life. May your heart continue to heal and fill itself up with gratitude for the time you spent on earth together this time around.

Love to you,

Miki Vuckovich said...

I'm certain you managed to give her courage, comfort, and reassurance in taking her next step. Thanks for sharing the story of your recent time with her.

Laura said...

Gosh, thanks guys. I really appreciate your comments.
(Dabbing eyes with special vintage hankie.)
Mom would have wanted me to blog this about her.

One Woman's Journey said...

Laura, I am remembering you in my prayers. I remember the last months with my mother 9 years ago.
Blessings sent your way.