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Monday, March 29, 2010

A Mala for Creativity, Strength, and Low Stress

Garnet, Bloodstone, and Rutilated Quartz Wrist Mala

A special customer asked me recently what kind of stones would be helpful with creativity, strength, and reducing stress. I did some reading and came up with a list of stones for each quality she wanted, and she chose these three. Garnet helps with creativity, bloodstone with stress, heart and courage, and rutilated quartz aids with strength. You can't see it very well in photos, but the quartz has thin rods of rutile. The colors are very low key and deep. A silk tassel finishes it and it's strung on stretch cord.

Bloodstone is interesting because in a strand of beads you will find reds, greens, and greens with red specks.

The way colors come together in malas is always surprising. I try to stay open for these surprises.

Be well, be happy!


elsiee said...

I've been wearing my gorgeous malas everyday since I received them - I neglected to ask you what the clear quartz stones were specifically "good" for - but the answer must be, "life"!

Joy said...

Hi - I stumbled across your blog from your etsy shop. I am a birth doula and I'm interested in creating a mala that my clients could use during labor - the words I'm thinking of are strength, courage, peace, mother, empower, trust, joy. I would love to talk to you further, how can I contact you?

Laura said...

Hi Elsiee,
The quartz crystal in your mala is good for many things, but I think of "clarity", "calm", and "purify" the most. Those aspects seem to fit into the reason I make malas and what I wish for you when you wear and use them.

Hi Joy,
I tried to send you an email, don't know if it went through. I'd love to work with you. Please contact me by clicking on my Etsy shop (in this blog's sidebar). Then click on the contact link on the lower right.
Etsy is an easy way to keep track of our communications.

Lots of love!