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Friday, February 26, 2010

Like a Hillside in Arizona Seen Through Thick Spectacles

How many little blogs like this are floating around in the ether? It feels like they take up space, but do they? Just because something shows up on the computer monitor doesn't mean it takes up any space at all, does it?
What about psychic space?
My shop has been running on overdrive lately and I've been putting along making mala after mala. Trying to stay mindful and present as I make each one. These past two and a half years online have been so educational—teaching me mainly about society and it's expanding boundaries. The definitions of what friend and stranger are seem very elastic in this day and age when you can "meet" people with such similar interests all over the globe.
I'm currently working on a mala made with a combination of red aventurine, carnelian, red banded agate, and serpentine. The feeling is of variegated oranges and reds, very natural. It looks like a hill side in Arizona seen through thick spectacles! Here's a photo of one like it, but the one above doesn't have the carnelian and red agate, so it's not quite as varied looking.
So much fun to decide where to put each bead to get the right pattern of reds and oranges.

Enjoy your weekend. I hope to get my camera out and take some interesting pictures soon, but the rain might put a damper on that. :-)


Anonymous said...

Love the color scheme on this one Laura. Beauty!

Jan said...

This mala is stunning and it does look like an Arizona sky, blended with those gorgeous striated canyons and mesas. There is such power in this mala - passion, it feels like to me.

May your days and nights be happy and blessed....