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Monday, February 15, 2010

Amazing Hunk of Quartz in Laguna Beach

I found this amazingly large and beautiful quartz crystal in Laguna Beach at a crystal shop. It was up the canyon towards the art school. It's the largest crystal I've ever seen.

If I stood beside it it would reach above my waist, and I'm 5' 5"!
At first I was sure it was rose quartz, but the owner explained that it was a clear quartz crystal with a layer of iron, making it rose-colored. Nonetheless, I think it embodied love and compassion the way rose quartz does. Who knew quartz crystal could disguise itself?

When I find the name of the shop I'll pass it on. They specialized in very large, rare crystals, meteorites and such.
Quite amazing for a geology buff like me.

But you'd have to see it and feel it in person, this photo doesn't show how grand it is. So go to Laguna Beach, California, (I realize this is quite a trip for some of you!) drive up the canyon where the Festival of the Masters is, and just past that a bit is a crystal shop on the right, (south side). You won't be sorry you went out of your way to see it. And while you're there, play in the ocean.



Jan said...

i would love to see this, laura, it looks amazingly beautiful. isn't there something so wonderful about rose quartz? it's always been one of my gentle. :-)

elsiee said...

I love quartz I can't believe I've never been to that store - must seek it out! Movie day, soon..?

Laura said...

I love rose quartz, Jan. I have since I was little!

Elsie, it's right in your neighborhood, isn't it?

Yes, movie time Soon!
Be well, friends.

One Woman's Journey said...

This looks beautiful. I love quartz. I have a few sitting by a plant. My little granddaughter on her last visit was examining them and said "I love these grandma".