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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Two Movies—a Must See and a Maybe

Every now and then I promise to give a little movie review on this blog. It's been hard lately, nothing has hit me as good enough to write about. I only want to recommend special movies that I think give something extra to a viewer.

A couple of nights ago I went to see Up In the Air with George Clooney. It was fantastic. In tone and story it told the story of a man's disconnect with any world except the one he experienced as he traveled. In essence he was a modern-day sailor, only happy on the high sea. Only in this case, it was the high skies. Painful to watch in its portrayal of modern alienation and isolation, but very powerful in bringing that message home. You develope such sympathy for the main character—for all of them, actually. And it made flying look like the most relaxing thing in the world, a tough thing to do these days. Truly only happy with a business class seat and a beautiful woman, George Clooney's character was practical, soft, and distant. Really, you have to see it. Sad, poignant, and it makes you want to run and hug the people you love!

On the other hand, my viewing partner (all right, my daughter) and I were unanimous in our dislike last night of Nine. If you love musicals, you might like this ambitious movie. We thought it would have been a great movie if they would have left out the dancing and singing. I love dancing and singing as much or more than the next person, but it just didn't fit into a movie about Fellini's love life. The photography was great, the acting was really superb (Daniel Day-Lewis, Judy Dench, and Nicole Kidman had me believing they were their characters, not famous actors), but the songs sounded like they were written in the 80s about the 60s and were pretty cliche-ridden.

The film didn't make artistic sense. To me. Now I have to rent some Fellini movies from Netflix and wash this movie out of my mind. Sorry, if you loved it please let me know. That's just my take on it. I nearly walked out, sad to say.

So...Up in the Air is a Must See, and Nine is a Maybe

That's it for the movie reviews. We love our escapism, don't we? What a gift movies are.

Take care!


Mare said...

I love movies too. I haven't seen either of those but now i might see the George Clooney one. I just watched The Wrestler on Netflix...what a sad movie...but again it makes you want to go and hug your loved ones.

Janet Spiegel said...

Of course you can Laura! I picked it up somewhere, forget where.
I laughed when I read your post... comic relief! Here's to a better year.

elsiee said...

I loved the performances by the two actresses that played opposite Clooney but I must confess I slept through a bunch of the beginning of the movie right until they crashed the party at the convention...

Clooney looks GOOOOOOOOOD doesn't he?

Laura said...

Dear Mare, I don't think I could watch The Wrestler. I bet it was really good though.

Thanks Janet! Here's to laughter!

I couldn't sleep in it. I was locked into an inside seat in the theater, elbow-to-elbow.
Yes, those actresses were terrific. And Clooney is cute AND a great actor.