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Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Avatar

Finally changing my avatar for Etsy and this blog. I liked the little golden Buddha with beads around his neck and a pink background, but after a while it began to feel too cartoony, too solid. It doesn't reflect how I feel about meditation, it's sort of a "look at me, I'm a gold Buddha against a pink background" kind of avatar. Sort of static. Monumental, although it's so small. Sooo...

Here's my new one. It's a photo my husband took of a Buddha statue near a burning candle. I don't know how he made it so glowy. It is more about the pursuit of truth, more about the path, more about devotion. It shows how I feel about ALL of this and about myself...that it's all a process. Not finished, not expert, not "old student", but someone sitting and watching the light, trying to become more and more one with it.

On Etsy it won't really be readable as a Buddha and candle, which is okay. I like the shapes and colors even without a direct meaning.

How do you like the new one?

Take care!


elsiee said...

the new avatar is glorious - LOVE!!!
hugs and namaste, elsie

Jan said...

i do like the new one, laura, a lot. it has elegance and mystery and invitation. very nice choice. hope you are well and loving life. :-)