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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lapis and Quartz Crystal Pocket Mala with Pewter Oak Leaf

with the help of another fantastic silver charm from Green Girl Studios...

How's the weather where you live? Where I am, in San Diego, it's been raining and raining. We're almost to the point where we will be out of our drought, which is wonderful. It's the kind of weather we don't always get—you want to curl up by the fire and read a book. Lovely. Of course, we're not used to it and can't drive in it very well and the street lights go out, but that's because we live in an arid environment.

Here's a little pocket mala made for a customer from the dark lapis I like so much. It's dark with some pyrite sparkles and a few calcite streaks to keep it entertaining. It has quartz crystal markers every six beads and a three-holed guru bead of quartz—finished with a matching navy blue silk tassel. On the tassel is a little pewter oak leaf charm designed by Green Girl Studios. Oh, how I love this artist's work. So unusual and individually unique. Mermaids, fairies, crosses—she makes everything. Makes me want to work with metal casting. Ah, in another life perhaps.

This pocket mala is on stretch cord so it can be worn, but usually a pocket mala just travels with us during the day or sits in a special place to meet us when we're ready to meditate, center, or pray. Any prayer will do, even just focusing on one breath at a time to calm down. What a lovely practice this is.

All the best, stay warm and dry!


Jan said...

Laura, this is beautiful. The Lapis really is stunning, as you say. Lovely energy. Have you ever made a mala that is small like this with 4 main beads for each of the metta phrases? I saw one on a site somewhere... Not like I need more malas. (LOL) I need to use the ones I have, but I was intrigued by a true metta mala. Perhaps it would actually work nicely as a bracelet. Oh, I like that idea!

Hope you are well and surviving the rains. We've had a long dry spell with no snow for nearly a month and now we are finally getting some of the white, just in time to cover all the dirty black hard packed snowbanks! xo

Laura said...

Hi Jan,
I haven't seen a metta mala like that. If you find one, send me a photo.

May you be happy and well!

Jan said...

Hi Laura,
I backtracked and found the link to a metta mala. Here tis.

May you be blessed and happy and well today too! xo

Lori said...

Hi Laura -
I have been part of Jan's 28 day challenge. This lapis mala is beautiful and I also love the olive wood wrist mala on the etsy site. Is it possible to have a personal mala made. I recently was presented with a health challenge and the 28 day challenge and an opportunity to purchase a mala is presenting itself at a good time. The Divine at work! I look forward to hearing from you!

Laura said...

Dear Jan,

Thanks for the link!
Always interested in finding out more about prayer beads.

May you be happy, may you be well!


Laura said...

Hello Lori,

Thanks for leaving a comment. I'd like to make something for you, please email me at heartofcompassionmalas(at)gmail(dot)com