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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hearts for Haiti—Etsy Sellers Helping Doctors Without Borders

This is so exciting. If you look just to the right of this post, you'll see a couple of rows of photos. These are snapshots of items for sale on Etsy to benefit Haitian relief through Doctors Without Borders. If you click on any item, you'll be taken to the shop where hundreds of craftspeople and sellers of craft supplies and vintage items are selling products, beautiful things.

Watching this effort start, grow, and succeed has been heart-warming, to say the least. Today I cried a bit when I found out my rose quartz and rhodonite "Immeasurable Love" mala sold. Every penny of each sale, minus some small Etsy and Paypal fees, goes to Doctors Without Borders, who authorized the shop to use their name. It's being overseen very, very carefully following the rules and guidance of Etsy about charitable shops. It all began when one seller posted a question on the Etsy forums asking how to coordinate sellers' efforts. So far, over $8500 dollars have been raised.

So, in the midst of the sadness I feel over the suffering of the people in Haiti, this little flower is born. And it has become an actual bush of roses, soon it will be a rose tree.

I'm not going to say anything oversimplified or philosophical about this, except for one thing: you really see the best come out of people in times of need.

That alone makes me very, very happy.

Bless you!

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