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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Happy Hanukkah Christmas Solstice Kwaanza

Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice, Happy Kwaanza, and everything else.

I would write Happy Hanukkah too, but I'm a day late.

There was a rousing discussion on Etsy recently about whether people in the U.S. have become so P.C. that they're afraid to say Merry Christmas. It made me think about so many things. I always say Happy Holidays because I don't know what beliefs the person I'm greeting has. I'm such a blend of beliefs and backgrounds that I have the utmost respect and sensitivity to those of other religious backgrounds to my own, so when I say anything, it's usually Happy Holidays.

Isn't it delicious that tomorrow the nights will start getting shorter? I LOVE Winter Solstice. It has always been the time when my family rings bells and lights candles. I love the Jethro Tull song Ring Out Solstice Bells. It is so joyful. Leave it on while you go about doing your things.

I've been playing Etsy holiday elf for the past couple of weeks. It makes me so grateful for all the hard workers out there who put our holiday gifts together. Holiday elves, wherever you are, Thank you!

Merry Happy Hanukkah Christmas Solstice Kwaanza.

Wherever you are, ring a bell tomorrow.


J Grant Brittain said...

I celebrate everything and anything when good food, good wine and good people are involved.

Janet Spiegel said...

Happy Holidays Laura! and a wonderful new year!

Jan said...

Dearest Laura,
Happy holidays to you! I, too, always say "holidays" to honor that person wherever they are...I do wish you the very best time with your loved ones. And a nice rest from studio work if you can. I can only imagine how busy you have been.

You are one of the blessings in my life I am counting twice. Just thinking of how we connected and how deeply you (and your beautiful work!) has touched my life, makes me so very grateful You are a true treasure...Sending love, peace, and joy from my heart to yours. xo