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Monday, October 26, 2009

What's in a Miracle?

Someone I know asked recently "Where are you in your experience of miracles today?"

A very good question, especially as lately so many people have been experiencing loss, stress, and hardship.

I thought about it as I meditated and then made a mala.

A small hawk came to perch on the fence during my meditation. It never happened before, only as I thought about whether I'd ever experienced a miracle. It fanned out its tail feathers in search of an insect. So close, and I get excited when I see them far up in a tree. But this one came close to visit.

I see miracles in everyday life, not just in life-saving experiences.

The miraculous is all around us if we look, like an artist, poet, or mystic does. The very expression of life and growth, even of decay is a miracle. The fact that change and even loss can happen is proof of great possibilities, both good and bad.

How about looking into the eyes of a child or an old man or woman and seeing the love within them? The very existence of love is a miracle.

The very fact that we can love and create and help others is truly a divine gift, whether we choose to call it that or not.

When I was eight I ran in front of a loaded, lit canon. It was on the other side of a fence I was playing behind, and as I ran out in front of it I heard, I felt...nothing. The grownups gasped, but the canon had misfired.
Surely an angel was with me that day.



Jan said...

Laura, oh, I do believe in miracles and have witnessed many in my life. I think the fact that I am alive —after a fall and the resulting closed head injury—is an example of angelic intervention. I don't believe I was supposed to die that day...nor were you. :-) So here's to miracles—simple things as lovely as a hawk to a divine interlude—it's all amazing. May we savor life and this love that we are given. xo

P.s. I bet the mala you made while the hawk waited is quite something!

Roy said...

Dear Laura,

Lovely post. Thank you.

Hands together, bowing.


Karin Grow said...

Oh yeah, that reminds me of the time I was standing in front of a lit canon as a kid...............

What the?.....Who the hell has a canon?
You got lucky girlfriend.

Jees, how can anyone every top that story? hee hee

peace out, Karin

elsiee said...

I think we had our own "ding dong" moment miracle today my friend!!

are you SURE the cannon story isn't from a previous life when you were a lovely southern child during the civil war..?

One Woman's Journey said...

Your post is a special blessing.