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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Some More Gorgeous Art and Jewelry on 1000Markets-"Moi" Included!

Featured Merchants: Oct 9 - Oct 15

Featured on 1000Markets in the Asian Inspirations Market

Really, if you haven't visited 1000Markets, you'd like it. As I've said before, the layout and overall richness of the photographs of independent craft and art are really well done. It's a whole other look and feel than Etsy, which is already beautiful, noble and good. (I'm a huge Etsy supporter and sell there.) I'm one of the featured sellers in the Asian Inspirations Market this week. If you visit, you'll see work by:

lemachidesigns, who features jewelry, mixed media art, and ACEOs (artists collectible cards). Beautiful pinks and oranges—abstract designs mixed with inspiring Asian images.

Elephantdreams, a wonderful photographer who does some color alterations to her work. She features, among other things, photos of Buddhas and everyday scenes from Asia. Gorgeous.

And me, Laura of Heart of Compassion Malas. I make "Artistic Malas That Inspire". Prayer beads of semi-precious stones and wood to support your meditation and prayer practice and even to wear to connect you with mindfulness and a higher power. Custom malas are a big part of my work. (I'm "compassionmalas" on Etsy.)

Just a thought about online shopping. It is vital to support the shops where one lives. But it's also nice not to have to drive around and find parking spaces and wait in line. When you shop independent art online you are giving work to wonderful artists and allowing them to continue to do the work they love. And the work you buy is high-quality, unique, and personal.

Peace to you, whatever you do!


elsiee said...

what a lovely way to feature asian inspired artists - the others work is very good but you're still my favorite..!

Jan said...

So lovely, Laura, and how wonderful to see your handiwork there. Congratulations! I agree with Elsiee....:-)