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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A New Way to Work...And a New Jade Mala

Now Playing, Bird On the Wire by Leonard Cohen

My friend Jan at Awakened Living, who has started a blog for "women on the path to awakening" recently told me how she prepared to work at the computer. I think it involved candles, music, and tea. Not just any music, but mantras set to music. Isn't that a good idea? When we sit down to the computer we become so over-stimulated, things just rush in. There seems to be no beginning or end to our work. It's a fun way to work, very creative, but after trying her method (with my own music—the blues right now) I've discovered it works much better. There's a much more peaceful and vibrant quality to computer time when you set it up mindfully.

About peace and tranquility, I created this new jade and moss agate mala to bring that. My own mala is new jade. I wanted to make something for others that was really rich and glorious. There are nephrite jade beads, moss agate (darkest green), new jade, and vermeil bead caps. It was created in a spirit of joy. Jade is supposed to bring joy and good energy, healing chi. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Stay well, stay happy! Take a mindfulness moment now and then.


elsiee said...

hmmmm I love the idea of setting the mood for "working"... this mala is "magically delicious"!!

Jewels of Saraswati said...

Laura this mala so beautiful. Blessed is the one who receives it!

Jan said...

It is mighty beautiful, Laura! A gift of spirit, to be sure. Yes, the recipient is lucky indeed!

I am so glad that my morning routine touched your heart and helped you find some ease in "work." I do think a ritual like this helps relax us into a mind/heart space where we are truly receptive.

I love to write to one type of music, in particular. It is music created by my friends, The Evensons. Their music label, Soundings of the Planet, is all ambient music created for peace (inner and outer). Dean engineers the music to contain the Earth Resonance Frequency so hearing it simply centers you. (Though you don't really HEAR this when you are listening. It is just the use of certain tones and rhythms.) My book, by the way, was written to this music most of the time. :-) You can learn more about the Evensons and hear samples at (Plus, on a personal note, they have spent much time with the Dalai Lama and you can feel the love...)

May your work be blessed today!