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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Kind of People I Know...

Jewels of Saraswati's Arjuna Earrings of Smoky Quartz

In this internet jungle we've carved out a space for ourselves, we who create, do yoga, meditate, and try to keep our faces turned towards the light.

Amazingly, or perhaps not, I meet the nicest people on the www. It's like having penpals. When I was a child a had a penpal in Uganda. It wasn't the best time to be growing up in Uganda, so I frequently wonder whatever happened to Cossie Namokasu. I hope she's been able to follow her dream of studying astronomy. She was a lovely writer. We were both about 12. Maybe she'll see this post.

Now my penpals come mainly from the world of blog. I "met" Lauren of Jewels of Saraswati in an Etsy forum. You have to love someone who makes jewelry as beautiful as hers. She describes herself as "Professional flutist, pedagogue, jewelry artist, etsian, aspiring yogini." She makes some lovely avante garde music with her group. She also has a beautiful blog. Check it out.

She was kind enough to write about Heart of Compassion Malas (compassionmalas on Etsy) recently, but that's not the only reason I'm pointing her out to you. The photos she takes of the jewelry she makes are perfect. We should all be so gifted.

I'm busy planning to go to a meditation retreat after Thanksgiving, and there's a craftshow I'm preparing for. Since so many of the malas I make have been highly personal custom orders lately, I don't have a large supply of malas. I've been making them as orders come in. For one thing, it's a lot more fun to know who I'm making it for. And it doesn't seem to slow down shipping more than a day. I still want to build up a supply for when things get busy this fall. So that's what I'm up to today—designing and making, making, making.

So far, keeping on top of things. Hope your Fall days are full of crisp air, nice views, and happy preparations.

Yours Truly,

Professional flutist, pedagogue, jewelry artist, etsian, aspiring yogini.

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