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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happiness is...

My grandfather's player piano

Happiness is sitting down to play the piano on a fine Sunday morning in early Autumn, finding the notes to something sweet like Moonlight Sonata while the border collie drops the ball on my feet again and again, asking me to stop and play ball.

Happiness is seeing some new flowers in the backyard—a peep of purple and some yellow mixed with orange, some new growth in the lawn, the bud of a gerbera daisy poking up out of the center of a plant that I think is lost each summer, but which always returns.

Happiness is eating the biscuits that someone special made this morning.

Happiness is sharing these random moments with you.

Have a nice day.


Holly said...

Who's piano? Happiness is a cool wind turning the curtains into dancing streams of color.

elsiee said...

happiness is catching up with you and your lovely doings and being, on your serenely sweet blog!!

Karin Grow said...

Happiness is when your husband cleans the toilet without me asking. Still waiting.....

Jan said...

Oh, thank you, Laura. I am glad to share these moments with you. :-) Happiness today is coffee, the moon over the water in full array even at 8:00 in the morning, tumbling leaves, geese overhead, my trusty computer who plugs away faithfully while I stay in touch with lovely friends, doing work I love. Many blessings...:-) May your day be truly happy!

The word verification was "brighti." Cool!

J Grant Brittain said...

Biscuits were great!

laura said...

Wow, I got some nice responses! First off, Grant made the biscuits. Holly, that was Grandpa Newton's piano and it's at cousin Rhonda's house now.
Elsiee, you're always such a dear.
Karin, that would be nice. Have you tried putting up a little sign? :-)
Jan, I want to visit your house! It sounds beautiful.

Take care, y'all. Enjoy the early Autumn.