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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blogging and Custom Malas—Julie & Julia

Boy, I'm so tired. To get anything done without interruption I stayed up until 2 am last night. It was a happy time finishing a few custom malas. Here's one made of picture jasper, nice turquoise, mottled new jade, rose quartz, silver findings, a green aventurine Kuan Yin medallion, and pewter medallions—one of an angel and one of a mermaid.

This one took an email collaboration that lasted a couple of weeks, but in the end I'm really satisfied. My customer says she likes it, too. It's very personal! I post it here because it's so different than the traditional Buddhist malas I usually make and I like the combination of stones and pendants. It just goes to show you, prayer beads can be as individualistic as you want.

I found two of the pendants at beadlady's shop on Etsy. They come from Green Girl Studios, an incredible pewter designer and caster. I'll definitely use Green Girl's work again! And beadlady was a quick and responsive seller. I absolutely love buying from independent shops on Etsy.

This month was sooo busy with custom orders. I think I altered something in my shop announcement on Etsy so that Google finds me in custom mala searches more easily. This is great, because I enjoy this work. Hello Google!

On another note, I'm sure many of you have seen Julie & Julia by now. I just saw it tonight. It was about following your passion and writing. What's not to love about that? I admit, when the Julie character found out she had 50 comments, I had a pang of jealousy. (But it wasn't serious.) She was blogging about making a different Julia Child recipe every day. At one point both she and Julie Child said "I've finally decided what to do with my life!", which rang a nice bell for me.

About this little blog: Unfortunately I can tell when people read it and when they don't. (Ha Ha!) And I've found out conclusively that people only read when I write. So I am forced to write, and write, and write. And take a lot of pictures. It's as if I was being trained by animal trainers. Thanks again.

Peace to you.


Jewels of Saraswati said...

Gorgeous malas! I love your work!

Roy said...

RE: Only reading when u write. I found the same thing with RTTC. Very very VERY rarely did new people visit and plow through the archives. One does feel the drumbeat of 'more more more' in terms of post production... on the bright side - you seem to have a lovely collection of readers that really values what you write (me included!)....

Beautiful malas by the way.. just beautiful.

elsiee said...

So funny you should mention that scene in the movie I felt the exact same way!! What would I have to write about to get 50 people to comment!! I guess time will tell because regardless of how many people comment I am loving the writing!!

Laura said...

Thanks Jewels!

I guess I'm not the only one who gets caught up in watching Google Analytics, judging from Roy and Elsiee's comments. It's strange that we have so much "view" into our visitors' habits. (Not too much, don't worry!)

I think I'll feature special "blast from the past" posts once in a while to bring back things that I wrote that are central to this blog's themes. Right now those would be malas and food, but that's because it's dinner time.

I bet that movie rang bells for a lot of bloggers! So far I've met two kinds of people—those who read blogs and those who won't.

I fit in the first group! I love the part of the blogosphere that is about creativity and mindfulness.
Thanks for your comments.

Jan said...

These malas are just beautiful and I know who they are for (SHHHH) and I am so glad she likes them. They are stunning. You do make the most lovely malas and I adore mine. As for the movie, can't wait to see it. I understand what you mean about being jealous about all those comments. Patience is a virtue and I know if we all just keep writing from our hearts, kindred spirits will come. Look, we found each other! So glad we did, too. Blessings all around.xo

mermaid said...

Laura, this mala is AWESOME, if I haven't already told you. I can't wait to receive it openly from the sea, the earth, and sky! Thank you, precious one, for working so hard on it, and blessing it, too. You were patient, and kind.

Laura said...

Oh Mermaid,
Your comment made my day yesterday! I hope you enjoy the mala when it gets done flying through the mail to you.

Thank you for commenting.