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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Asian Inspirations Market on 1000Markets—A Vibrant Bunch of Creative Sellers

Indian Folk Art Painting Hatha(i) Yoga Lochana Devi in Warrior III by Indira of DhamaKarmaArts

Asian Inspirations Market on 1000Markets

In my ongoing striving to keep my malas accessible on the web, I joined 1000Markets a few months ago. It didn't make sense anymore to have all my eggs in one basket. It's very practical to have shops in a few places. 1000Markets had a beautiful layout and design and easy way of listing new items. I'm still a newbie, but I just like being there. So far it's been a place to meet people and get a nice wholesale order, which was very nice. I just love the way my shop looks there. It's small but cozy.

When I was invited by Indira of Dharmakarmaarts to join a market she was creating representing "products that draw upon Asian influence either in materials, techniques, belief systems, ideas or culture", of course I accepted. The art of making and using malas comes from India and was transplanted to Tibet, so I feel very akin to Asian sensibilities. They're my roots, though I've never studied in an Asian mala workshop. At least not in this lifetime!

Indira has gathered a group of exciting artisans who are all inspired by Asian themes artistically, and she's begun to write about them on 1000Markets. I just wanted to point this group out to you because I'm so proud to be among them. As you begin to think about your holiday shopping, take a look at their gorgeous work.

1000Markets is a really unique venue. To show there you have to submit your shop for approval, and sometimes people try several times without being accepted. But the "jurors" are kind enough to offer feedback about your photos and other things. Photography on 1000Markets shows up large and vibrant, because they don't limit your photo size as much. And their layout is spectacular. For all these reasons I'm happy to be there.

Featured artists this week in Asian Inspirations Market are:

Dye Diana Dye (incredible hand-dyed shibori clothing, more intricate than I can describe!),

DharmaKarmaArts (showing India inspired arts, adornment, and accessories—you won't believe the shapes and colors.) and

The Excessary Store (brilliant modern jewelry and stationary in the essence of Eastern craft traditions)

Here's a big shout out to each of you for your beautiful work. Long may you create!

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elsiee said...

love your 1000markets shop and thank you for the heads up on the other lovely sellers - THEY are in very good company!!

Laura said...

Thanks Elsie,
You sure know what to say to make a girl feel good! Thanks for dropping by. Those are some fabulous artists.

Karen said...

What a very nice blog. Hope you don't mind I am going to put it on Twitter.