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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Turquoise and Crystal Pocket Mala, The Sky and Clouds

I got a request for a 27-bead pocket mala that would stretch and fit on a wrist recently, so it started me off on making a few pocket malas. Whenever a customer mentions that they'd like something-or-other made in a certain way that they can't find, it makes me excited about just that way of making malas. Since I get so many ideas from customers, (I wish I could say patrons instead, but that's pushing the whole malas-as-art analogy a little too far for comfort), I'm never bored with designing. People know what they want and how they want it, I just try to fill that need.

This pocket mala is made of 26 8mm turquoise (howlite) beads with a carved, fluted 8mm quartz crystal bead at the top and a crystal guru bead at the bottom. I made a tassel of some bamboo thread I have. It's strung on beading wire and will not stretch. But it is so cute— it wants to sit in a pocket and exude positive energy all day long. It cries out to be taken out at lunch and used with mantras.

Boy, I had such a day yesterday. And I forgot to wear my wrist mala! I was kicking myself. These malas really help bring down the blood pressure. Okay, it's not just the malas, it's our prayers and connection to the benevolence of the universe in all its myriad of sacred forms that does that.


Take care! And peace to you.

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Mare said...

What a pretty mala...I have been making hand rosaries for my family. We had a death in the family and that seems to make everyone want one of those....It is so ingrained in us to hold onto something solid when troubles come...