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Friday, July 31, 2009

The Old French Clock and the Dharma Center

300-Year old French Clock for Sale-"Theodore Lepin a la Trinite"

No, this isn't Craigslist.

To support our local meditation center, my friends donated a French clock that's been in their family for 300 years. It's a beautiful clock with intricate carvings, free from the damage of rot or insects. It's amazingly preserved, made of beautifully carved wood with an ornate metal clockface frame showing a happy courting couple. It will be an adventure finding the right home for it.

It was a ton of fun photographing it with my friend Emily's help.

What must this clock have seen! If it was created in the 1700's it's seen a lot from its elegant face. If only clocks could talk. Instead of simply tocking. (Oh, I couldn't help it.)

If this clock is meant to be in your home or you know someone who would enjoy having it AND benefitting a worth Dharma center, please let me know.


Holly said...

Laura, it's possible that I'm three of your followers. I've been trying to update my photo and really don't know what I'm doing. Ah well, the more of me the merrier! Good luck with your clock sale!

Jan said...

What a lovely clock and I do hope you get some handsome bids on it. Such a nice way to fundraise. And it's recycling!

Laura, is this you in the pic? If it is, so nice to see your face. :-)

Laura said...

Hi Holly,
You are only three of the followers! It's nice to see your many personalities here.
It makes me feel so popular!
Love ya...

Laura said...

Sorry, Holl, I mean two.

Laura said...

Hi Jan,
Thanks for the good wishes on the fundraising. It will happen at the right time, in the right way, to the right person.

That's my friend Emily.
I can't find a photo of myself that I want to post lately, so I have my little happy Buddha avatar.

I am incredibly beautiful, tall, thin, with curly auburn hair. Ha!