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Friday, July 31, 2009

My Puppy's Dentist Works on Lions-True Story with a Photo

Dr. Brook Niemiec, DVM will perform two root canals on my 8-month old border collie tomorrow morning, at about 9:00 a.m. California time.

Isn't life an adventure? Here's a photo of Dr. Niemiec working on a thoroughly anesthetized cat. Nice kitty, don't wake up yet.

All prayers are welcome tomorrow, although I'm not concerned about the safety of my pet in this expert's hands.

The thing is, the dental care this lucky animal will get is better than what most Americans can get, and that does make me sad. I hope and pray that all people can obtain the medical care they need. And while we, as a nation, work towards that (in a great and confusing dialogue), I am glad that this type of care is available for animals.

Why I didn't go into animal dentistry instead of art and mala-making, I'll never know. Perhaps I could be driving a jaguar and drilling the cavities on a jaguar in the same day. But my calling is to create beauty that soothes, and Dr. Niemiec's is to soothe the beauties that roar, and bark...and purr. Nice kitty.

It's late now. Goodnight and bless you and yours.

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