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Friday, June 12, 2009

What in the world is a YART sale?

Etsy is having a YART sale.  Yard plus art equals Yart.  I am joining in by offering 10 of my favorite malas at 10% off through June 14th.  This red aventurine, turquoise, and Tibetan agate mala is one of those with a lower price.  The prices in my shop are already low in an effort to make things affordable for people during the recession. 

Speaking of the recession, are there signs of growth?  The news seems to be better.  Hope things are easing up for those of us who've been suffering.  We've all been stressed and pushed to our max, let's hope that we have a summer of relative prosperity and tranquility.

Red aventurine is good for helping determination.  It's the "I can do it!" stone.

Happy weekend to you.

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Mare said...

Wow! That is one gorgeous mala!