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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Impermanence, you just have to love it

I suppose this week it's hitting me more than on other weeks, although this year's been particularly good about reminding me that things don't stay the same forever.  The meager 401K got tinier, we changed presidents, my parents continue to age in ways that I find difficult to watch, my son grows an inch and a half in a week (I think), and finally, this week my gorgeous daughter graduates from high school.  Sigh, so little to grasp onto, so futile and painful to try.

This photo was taken on my recent trip to Santa Cruz and San Francisco.  It's of the eroding sands on the beach in Santa Cruz.  Erosion is my number one most favorite metaphor for impermanence.  If nature can change continuously without kicking up a fuss about it, surely I can too.

I also took some lovely pictures of feathers and dead birds.  You can see where my mind was!

All the love in the world,

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Mare said... many changes...I'm getting slammed here too. I guess it keeps you on your toes and teaches you not to take things for granted, huh?